The scientific process is fascinating. It starts with a question that sets off scientists on a journey with more twists and turns than most people realise. After many months, if not years, of hard work, an answer emerges. Something new has been discovered.

This answer gives rise to another question, and so the process repeats indefinitely, each time creating a world that is a tiny bit richer.

This happens in many thousands of labs, all around the world, including ours - the labs of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. Here, scientists of diverse backgrounds (biology, physics, medicine, and more) collaborate to pursue the answers to myriad questions.

Even though we are not scientists, in this collection, we went through a “mini scientific process” of our own. We asked: How can we share the work of our scientists? Can we move beyond the “one sentence” headline and get into the nitty gritty of the work?

Finding the answer required that we join our individual skills (writing, illustrating, designing, and more). After months of readapting our method, examining the results, and often starting again, we found our answer.

Welcome to your journey Inside the Unknown.

The Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown is located on the waterfront in Lisbon, Portugal. It integrates an oncological clinical centre with fundamental and translational research programmes dedicated to neuroscience, physiology and cancer. This approach aims to promote collaborations across fields, with the end goal of facilitating medical and scientific advances.


Liad Hollender
Curator & writer

Enjoys thinking about simple ways to communicate complex ideas

Diogo Matias
Illustrator & animator
Discovering the art of science storytelling by leaping from the second dimension to the fourth

Marta Correia
Suspended her secret obsession with paper to dive into the digital world

Tiago Coelho
Uses motion design to swim in the deep sea of science

Catarina Ramos
Brainstormer & editor

Loves to turn ideas into reality, to play with words and has a thing about keeping track of time(lines)

Teresa  Fernandes
Facilitator & translator
Keeping communication channels open and making things happen, while discovering the wonders of science

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